North Net Training Center will be offering for the first time, Paratech Training.  This is a two-day hands-on event using the most current heavy lifting, shifting, stabilizing, building and structural shoring techniques. Events feature product training with Paratech equipment coordinated by Paratech and a certified training organization.

  • Overview/Lecture
  • Paratech Tool Lab Station Rotations: Learn about the Paratech tools, Vehicle Stabilization using Rescue Struts with car on roof and another station with a car on its side
  • Heavy Vehicle Lifting & Stabilization Station: using Rescue Struts & Hydraulic Struts
  • Building Shoring Station: using Rakers, Flying Rakers and Woodless Raker Systems
  • Rigging Station: using Monopod and Bipod
  • Air Bag Heavy Lifting Station: using Maxiforce® and Multiforce
  •  Air Lifting Bags
  • Final Exercise: Putting it all together using skills learned to move heavy objects
  • Age Requirement:
    • 18+


Instructor: North Net Rescue Instructors & Paratech Factory Respresentatives
Location: North Net Training Center
Date: March 5 & 6,2024
Time: 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Fee: $225.00 per individual

Class size: 40

Attendees who complete the Paratech Training course will receive a Certificate of Participation from the North Net Fire Training Center.